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Calverton, VA, United States


I love working with animals and God has blessed me.
In the 35+ years that I trained horses I found that there were very few bad animals but a lot of people who could not understand the horses nature. Most of my career with horses has been starting & training young horses and reprogramming problem horses. If you give a horse a chance, make the rules simple and consistent, he will be honest, willing and content. They are not complicated creatures.
I also love dogs. Great Pyrenees being at the top of my list. They are stubborn, shed, slobber and bark but they are committed to their job as a guardian and I find that to be an honorable trait.
I love clay because it is peaceful, quiet and takes patience to form, just like an animal.

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I love creating a finished product with my hands. My studio is informal and I work at my own pace. I wake up very early and spend quiet time with God and my tea. Then over the next couple of hours my husband and I feed dogs, horses, goats, chickens and us. No more days training horses so then I begin working on my ceramics. My days are spent throwing plates and bowls on the wheel, forming ornaments, glazing or setting some ceramics in epoxy. A simple business for an old(er) ladies simple life. Oh, and some days we just grab the dogs and go out for a hike. I am happy.

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