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Dallas, TX, United States

Quick Blurb

"Bijou" + "beautiful" = BIJOUTIFUL. Handmade with love, always.


metal fabrication, enameling, recycled metal, nature, jewelry, gardening, reading, cooking, hiking, dancing, piano, guitar, sewing

Skills and Techniques

fabrication, soldering, brazing, sweat-soldering, enameling, texturing, metalwork, metalsmithing, finishing, piercing, sawing, granulation, bezel-setting, stone setting

Get to Know

All of my photos are taken in natural filtered light, not a lightbox. I do my best to be sure that the photos I provide depict the most accurate color on my pieces, but your monitor settings may cause colors to look different on your screen. If you feel your colors may be off, you can calibrate your monitor here:

Though I am self-taught, all of my jewelry is made with the finest workmanship possible: I personally make every item myself, as if for myself. Working in this way, I can be assured that my creations meet my own personal standards before leaving my hands. All of my raw metals (wire, sheet, etc.) are recycled/reclaimed metal, and I never use any harsh chemicals during the fabrication process. It brings me such pleasure to bring beauty into other people's lives by way of my little creations. I try to reflect this through my work, and it ends up that a bit of my heart goes out with each piece I create.