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big bear city, ca, United States

Quick Blurb

I love playing with my beads and wire! The combinations are endless and when it all comes together...fulfilling!


I love Handmade Lampwork Beads and working them in with Gold, Sterling Silver, copper, metal smithing, Murano glass. semi precious gemstones, precious gemstones, free form wire work with lots of movement in the designs for necklaces, earrings, bracelet, pendant, cuffs. I am learning forging, texturing, fusing, soldering and basic metal smithing.

I started making Organic Bath and Beauty products and pouring hand made Soy Candles and they are Wonderful!

My future endeavors will be soap and lotions. Look for them soon!

Skills and Techniques

I need to learn new techniques constantly. I usually teach myself through tutorials, trial and error and just plain thinking it out. I am teaching myself how to solder, metal smithing and fusing right now. I want to take my jewelry to the next level and for me, that would be silver smithing. I will start in copper and progress from there. However, they say copper is the new silver.

Get to Know

My daughter and I started making jewelry 16 years ago. She still assists as she is the true artist, with every new design being approved by her. To tell you the truth, it rather burns me up. I can sit there for hours fretting over a piece because it doesn't feel right. She will walk in my studio, look at the piece and place a bead here or there and the piece comes together. I can only laugh! I am becoming known for my work and have a following which is very exciting! I only wish I could do this full time, maybe one day. But, for now, I am enjoying learning new techniques and getting to play with a hammer and torch!

We now make Organic Bath and Beauty items and Hand Poured Soy Candles in a variety of original scents in classic glass containers!

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