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Canon City, CO, United States


We love vintage things they are fun to look at and have great character. We could never own all of the things we find interesting so we want to sell them to those who will use and appreciate them. We love plants and nature much of our art that is made with new materials is based around the natural world. We love to make old things new even if they are broken just finding a new purpose for them. We want to spread that joy with others and that's why we sell supplies as well old things that others can turn into something new. We also love the steampunk style and make things based around that style.

Skills and Techniques

We look at the materials we have and put them together over time. We do not like to draw unless it is a rough outline and usually it uses more words than pictures. We prefer to work with the materials and figure out the piece as we go along.
Special Skills/Techniques: Granulation, beading, needle felting, wet felting, embroidery, lost wax casting, cuttle fish casting, kumihimo.

Get to Know

Welcome! We hope you enjoy the things we create and resell! We are the Blacksmiths'. We live in a small town in the San Luis Valley. Being near the Sand Dunes and so close to the mountains all our lives has given us an appreciation and love of the natural wonders of the world. It is just the two of us and our daughter in a small apartment. We love our family and we love to create. When our daughter was born we wanted to show her as she grew up that most things in our world can be reused and upcycled into something new. Store shelves in places like thrift stores and antique stores are filled with things that people no longer had a use for and just got rid of. More is thrown away when it can be used. We want to see things used again over and over in any way possible. If that means in pieces then we can make those pieces into something beautiful. The world is filled with natural and man made beauty it just needs to be appreciated and shown.