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Gilbert, AZ, United States


Other than jewelry? I love going to the flea market, bowling, listening to audio books, orange juice in my beer, and the way my house smells after cooking breakfast.

Skills and Techniques

Well, let me think..........I get up, wander around my home, look outside , (for about 8 months of the year it's too hot to actually GO out there, so I just look). Check email. Look at my work area, which is usually a mess. Think about ways to solve design issues. Usually I'm working on a couple of pieces at once. So, if I get stuck on one piece I can work on another idea. If I'm not actually in the process of making something I'm giving my sore eyes a rest. Thinking of new design ideas.
I love hammering, riveting, and torching (yes as a matter of fact I have singed my bangs, more than once. Not a cute look and the smell is foul). Sheet metal, leather, wire, fabric, lace, glass, wire, chain, crystals and stained glass, semi precious stones, shells, did I mention wire? Victorian, Gothic, steam punk, nature, Renaissance. Okay, I'm thinking that's probably enough for now.

Get to Know

So, I'll start by saying this, I have been in love with jewelry since as far back as I can remember. When I was very small, 5 or 6 I used to watch my mom as she got ready to go out with my dad, my favorite part was when she would pull open her jewelry drawer! I literally would swoon. So of course I often would beg her to go through her pieces and give to me anything she didn't want or wear any more. HEAVEN!
When I was 7 my best friend got her ears pierced and so, of course, I had to have mine pierced too. Well, you guessed it, my parents said "no", because I was "too young". In order to convince them how cute I would look, I remember making my own earrings by bending staples in half to make little "hoops" and hooking 3 together to make dangles then squeezing them onto my little earlobes. Nothing. So I begged, I whined, and I pleaded with them. To no avail. Then, 4 long months of mopey sad sack behavior later, on my 8th birthday....... I got 1 gift, a little ballerina jewelry box........ filled with pierced earrings!
My dad took me the next day to Earrings & Things to get pierced. Best birthday ever! I never looked back.

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