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Rome, NY, United States

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I am Mom to a 13-yr-old boy and a 6-yr-old little girl.

I love watching my son as he participates in all sports. He plays football, basketball, and wrestling, but his true talent is being a baseball pitcher. He has been playing since he was 2 and plays year-round.

My daughter is quite the little diva and smart as can be. When she was 2 years old and finally able to wear hair bows in her hair, I started making hair bows for her in every color imaginable to match every outfit she wore.

Eventually, I started selling them at craft shows and they were a big hit! I used to buy the bottle caps I used in making my hair bows with images already sealed on them, but decided that it would be cheaper for me to make my own. Then, I figured if there was such a demand for buying them (I was addicted), I might as well join the fun and try to sell some, too!

So, I now have amassed a collection of over 500+ bottle cap image sheets and am making more every day. I have already made tons of custom orders for people--mostly school/university logos, but will try my best to make whatever your heart desires!