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Fresno, CA, United States


Jewelry lets us express our personality, style and mood every time we wear it. That's why I am a lifelong lover of jewelry as a daily creative expression. That was my inspiration to start making my own jewelry. Inspirations that keep me in love with making jewelry, are the materials themselves - gorgeous natural stones in tons of varieties, beautiful glass beads in an array of colors, and several rich metal finishes.

Skills and Techniques

All of my work is done with hand tools, and is done personally by me in my home workshop. All pieces are my original designs, made in limited quantities. This approach lets me create many different jewelry and collage pieces for my customers to choose from, and the limited quantities make each piece special. Wire is in everything I make. Wrapped, twisted, hammered, it is the most versatile tool of all.

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Get to Know

I am a one-woman micro business. I focus on original designs that showcase the beauty of the materials I work with, and that my customers love to wear. My jewelry and collage make it out into the world through a combination of online shop front, brick and mortar boutiques in my area of central California, and personal attention at select public events.

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