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Winnipeg, MB, Canada

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Travelling through time and space, COGnitive Creations is an ever growing quest to explore the interaction between the mechanical and the organic, the past and the present. The results: the creation of whimsical designs that spark the mind and soothe the soul.

So what does that mean?? I believe one of my customers described my style best when she highly recommended my store : " to anyone who favours the beautiful and slightly strange ".

Having struggled with procrastination and a general lack of time for what seems like forever, the passage of time and the journey to self-actualisation are an integral part of my work. Librarian services assistant by day, creativity junkie by night, I've been juggling with my dual personality with astonishing results. Lack of sleep has become a staple in my world, the excuse to let my imagination run free and fuel new ideas.

... so don't be surprised if I'm answering messages at 4 AM ...

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