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Tampa, FL, United States

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Welcome to Cool Revolution. This shop was created with you in mind.

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One of the ideas that sprouted my shop "Cool Revolution" came from a frustrated feeling I would get when I entered a retail store and saw the ideal item sitting on the shelf, minus one or two details. I would think to myself, "If only this was a different color it would be perfect", or "If I could just blend this item with that item, then I would have the perfect gift." The other frustration that tops the list would have to be when I finally spot an item designed perfectly for what I need only to discover how poorly crafted it is. Talk about disappointment. If you are anything like me then the frustration just gets worse when you are hunting down a gift for that special someone. It is because of moments like these that I have grown to appreciate the art of quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and personal style. There is no substitute and this is what Cool Revolution endeavors to do.

I take quality products that have out lived their usefulness and change them into new and unique items. That old oak chair which is missing a leg is turned into a picture frame. That sweater is revolutionized into a child's pair of mittens with a matching scarf and that plate is married to a vase and reformed into a cake platter. With each item that I change, there comes a certain satisfaction when I am able to creatively "breathe" life back into an object.

Cool Revolution isn't just committed to repurposing quality used products into something cool and jazzy; attention to detail is also a high priority. Like you, I realize that the details on a design can take a product from plain and average to stunning and classic and because I like to think of my clients as pretty classy individuals catering to details is something I love to do.

Speaking of classic, Cool Revolution could not open its shop without paying homage to those classic pieces of yesteryear. Although these pieces are not repurposed they are restored and speak volumes to the artist's skills, creativity, and the culture of the past. So venture into the Vintage department, enjoy a walk down memory lane, or maybe start a collection or two.

Thank you for visiting my shop. I hope you find just what you have been looking for.