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Austin, TX, United States

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Need Relief? from Back Pain, Neck & Shoulder Pain, Sore Joints & Stiffness from Arthritis, fatigue brought on by Fibromyalgia


Back Pain Relief, Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief, Joint Pain Relief, Fibromyalgia Relief, Menstrual Cramps, Hot & Cold Therapy Migraine Headache relief, Stress relief, Sore Muscles, Sinus headache,bed warmer,Cold Pack, Arthritis Pain Relief, Fatigue

Skills and Techniques

Creating a Unique Product with a "TEXAS COUNTRY FLAIR". Microwave Heating Pads... A soothing experience Hot or Cold. Special Orders are Welcome.

Get to Know

Twenty Years Ago...I purchased my first microwavable heating pad, and it has wonderfully served me through lots of headaches, stiff necks, aches and pains...and I still use it today! Now, not only am I still using it, but I passionately sharing my experience with you and everyone I can. "The relief I get, helps me rest and relax each evening and the next day goes so much better!"

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