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Hewlett, NY, United States


Painting, design, animals, reading, New York life, travel, ancestry, medieval and Renaissance history

Skills and Techniques

I am completely self-taught in all artistic endeavors - painting, jewelry making and design, interior design. I especially enjoy challenging myself by using only wire and beads to create replicas of pieces that might have adorned the necklines of history’s most dynamic, infamous and intriguing women.

Get to Know

It all started with an unfortunate purchase...

Having spent too many years in the corporate world, I often secretly had a desire to simply work with my hands. It started out small, but the creativity bug kept growing until I could ignore it no longer.

It all began on a hot summer day with the purchase of a scratchy ankle bracelet at a local craft fair. The beads the crafter used were square and scraped my ankles with every step I took. But I loved the whole ankle bracelet idea, so instead of tossing it in the trash, I replaced the square beads with round ones. That did the trick...but it also ignited the fuse and spurred me on to create other things... many, many other things.

But it wasn’t until I visited Scotland, Italy and Ireland that focus took hold and inspiration struck. The religious iconography of the old world blew me away and I wanted to find a way to honor that spirituality. Thus was born Divine Crossings. I plan to continue my travels and will attempt to interpret the art of faith in a way that is both my own and pays homage to the past.