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Natural Psychic and Mystic. High Priestess, Light, Angel and Divine Energy Worker. Healer and Spell Caster.

I have been asked by lots of people out of curiosity how have I become to be psychic. I must be honest it is a bit difficult to explain as my gift is a little unusual. It actually looks like I'm talking to my phone all day long. I have spoken to many psychics and not one does the same I do. I rarely use the words given to me but the words that come up in my thoughts. I get told which thoughts are the right ones to ensure that your reading is of the highest level. I pick up different syncronicities alongside this, unusual ones at that. For example something my children or neighbours may say whilst I am talking to angels, feelings I get when I'm hugging a tree, or something that is significant in my environment. I often see angels, spirit, faeries and dark energies. I see all that is good and all that is bad. Actually I am so sensitive that I pick up strong energies from people around me which makes me nervous and I have to (try to) protect myself with strong shields. It is not wonderfully easy to live with and every single day is different from the previous. I can choose to use my gift or just let it affect me. It's much more exciting and magical when I use my gift and help others. I am also a Catholic and this complements the work I do.

Divine Blessings x