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Estes Park, CO, United States


I love to hike, read, cook, garden, quilt, dye fabric and play with thread, walk with my German Shepherd, make guests welcome in our home, and spend all the time I can with family and friends! I believe life is short. Each day is an opportunity to learn, be humbled, and navigate this wonderful existence on the Earth God gave us!

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Hello friends! Thank you for visiting my FallRiverSoaps store on ArtFire. I operate my business from sunny Colorado at 8000 feet. I live (and love) a small town life in the Rocky Mountains. My soap making adventure began over 16 years ago in Mesquite, Texas. I started from absolute scratch! I visited an Indian food store and bought bright red palm oil because I did not know where to source supplies besides the grocery store. That Palm cooking oil made the most gorgeous orange soap, and from that one soaping experience I was hooked on this fascinating hobby! I made cold process soap without a hand blender in the beginning. Those were very long days of stirring oils, butters, and lye solutions to a "trace." It was a tedious learning curve, but I am glad now I experienced it because it truly taught me how the oils and lye interact and saponify at special different stages in the soap making process. I now use all the required equipment for best results: safety goggles, electric hand blenders, crock pots, instant read thermometers, stainless steel equipment, and top quality sustainably farmed oils and butters.