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I wanted to do right for the world so I’ve decided to give earrings to my local charity shops to sell and take the profits from. It made sense to me because we can all do something to make the world a better place, it’s just seeing what fits best for each of us.

Skills and Techniques

I appreciate the richness and vibrancy of gemstones and I don’t feel the need to use them to make overly fussy jewellery. Gemstones have a beauty within themselves and I think the fixtures around them should be there to show them off rather than to drown them out.

I’ve always been interested in colour and have put colours together on myself and in my home in ways which have drawn positive attention. I like blues and greens together and autumnal shades. I think that a certain amount of courage is involved in mixing colours but if you can see the palette in your mind and don’t mind trial and error then some combinations can really stand out and be unique without having to be bright and garish.

I’ve naturally fallen into grouping my jewellery into ranges when I’m designing, I rarely make one item and stop, I begin to work with a style or colour group and keep going, sometimes long into the night! The outcome of working like this means that I now have a variety of ranges which each capture a different style, season or even mood. I’ve recently become adventurous with this following some positive customer feedback on my blues and green as they adored the combinations as much as I did!

Get to Know

I adore striking colours and classic elegant designs, without noticing what I was doing, I have taken almost all my ideas from nature :)

At the moment I love to mix traditional antique bronze with bright colours, playing with charms and frosted glass, and seeing what works. I love creating pieces then standing back and seeing what's occurred while I've been busy in the moment.

I appreciate the depth and beauty of natural gemstones, the imperfections, the colours, the weight, the history. I find them so intricately wonderful.

Thank you for looking at my profile and my shop, message me with any questions, I can do any styles or variations within my power, you being happy makes me happy - give joy and get joy!