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Newport , OR, United States


Melting things, fishing and exploring Oregon beaches.

Skills and Techniques

All of my work involves "fire and fluidity". I currently do flamework borosilicate glass, sometimes combined with wood, copper and silver.

Get to Know

I have been involved in the arts for most of my life. I supported myself as a potter for several years. At one time I owned and operated The Old Store Gallery in Anchorage, Alaska, so named because it was in the building that housed Parker's Department Store, which was run by my family when I was growing up. One of the guest artists at the Old Store Gallery taught lampwork glass, and I took up the art. When I first started, clear Pyrex (borosilicate) rods were the only kind of glass that one could buy, so I learned to mix colors using the same chemicals that I used to make pottery glazes. Now that there are many companies making colored rods of "boro" glass, I buy from them, and use my time in the studio to make things.

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