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Piercing the beauty of extremely varied products from basket-weaving, textiles to wood-carving and lacquer-ware, we hope to not only showcase and preserve the amazing Vietnamese craftsmanship which is so embedded in Vietnamese culture and history, but also transform the love, the dedication of Vietnamese artisans for their products into unique character for your home, something ''souly'' that makes it home whenever you are.

Vietnam today is a country alive with all manner of traditional arts and crafts, however, it has taken a long time to get back to this point. The many years of warfare that blighted Vietnam destroyed much of its artwork, as well as the skills that made it. Since peacetime, the arts have begun to flourish, and Vietnam once more considers itself a centre for beautiful craftsmanship.

Although Vietnam’s economy was booming, the effects were primarily felt in urbanised areas. Globalisation somehow makes age-old traditional craftsmanship vulnerable where there's a proliferation of merchandised production as well as young talents tend to leave craft villages for other career options. Nevertheless, while there are many crafts producers in Vietnam, they often have difficulty in finding new markets in the global ever-changing economic system.

As a young Vietnamese, I am proud to focus on and help to continue these amazing traditions, to create opportunities and promote further development for Vietnamese artisans in craft villages who are also receiving better training and supports from local government as well as international fundings to enhance their skills and sustainable production methods. I believe these handcrafted products filled with love and hope will make their way to your home, together with you and your family create ever-lasting memories