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Loganville, GA, United States

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Skills and Techniques

I use all top grade, vegetable tanned leather, that I purchase from a US based Herman Oak tannery. I make all my patterns, cut everything myself, dye it, tool it, punch every hole myself, and sew each stitch by hand with an incredibly strong braided cord. I then hand finish each piece to a satin luster that begs to be touched and used. An art piece you can enjoy every day.

Get to Know

After building homes for 10 years, I came to the conclusion that what had been my profession had vanished right before my eyes.

Trapped in a 59 year old body possessing a 39 year old college degree, my prospects of competing with "young bucks" having newly acquired MBA's seemed dismal at best. So I began to contemplate how "to reinvent myself". Thus my journey to find a new occupation; and I thought to myself "what if I could make a living doing something I love?". I developed an interest in working with leather several years ago and I just couldn't stop thinking about it.

In July 2011, after much encouragement from my wife and friends, I decided to put a few of my accessories on Etsy while working in a totally different field; and since the Christmas season of 2011, my orders have increase with each passing month. This once a part time hobby just blossomed into a full time business..

The craftsman/artisian is not dead in America today but he/she certainly isn't in the 6:00 news. The days of working with one's hands seems like a faint memory of a history lesson sometime back; which begs the question: "Do people still do that sort of thing?" The idea of being able to own something that was created or reborn from the hands of a true craftsman has a magnetism that infects it's customers. The feeling of knowing you were, personally, responsible for a work of art that is wearable and usable is truly rewarding.

I hope I am able to offer something that will not only be a treasure and an heirloom, but something that has usefulness and utility while possibly enhancing your professional image.

I look forward to corresponding with you and welcome your ideas.

Paul Presten

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"God made leather clothing for Adam and his wife and dressed them" Gen.3:21 ~MSG~

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