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Sculpture, Maille, Metalworks by Artist Julie Kindt.


Blacksmithing, Antiques, Photography, Birding, Treasure Hunting, Recycling

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Metal Fabrication, Engraving, Metal Casting, Welding

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Sculpture, Maille, Metalworks by Artist Julie Kindt
Steel Sculptor, Maillesmith, Metalsmith, Artist, Collector and Seller of Vintage Metal Things

Greetings! I am a Metal Artist from Wisconsin. Most of my sculpture pieces are created using reclaimed metal scrap and found industrial objects though I love working with all kinds of metal. Inspiration for my work comes from my interests in ancient armour, primitive symbols and mythical beasts. All of my work is handmade by me in the U.S. Please read descriptions carefully and view photos before purchase. All items are shipped via USPS Priority Mail only. Thanks! See more of my work at JulieKindt.com.

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About the Maille: Maille is a series of interlocking metal rings joined together to form a pattern. I wind the wire on a mandrel, cut each link by hand and assemble the piece with pliers using both ancient and modern patterns in my designs. I make what is called butted or butt-ended maille. This means the ring is closed by lining up the ends of the link one against the other. The rings are cut individually using a bolt-cutter with the ends of each link forming a double-sideways v at the closure. This type of ring closure seems to work well for maille armour.

I use galvanized steel, brass and copper wire for my Maille. Galvanized Steel is coated with a thin layer of zinc compound to help prevent corrosion. This type of steel is not rust proof, but is only rust resistant. For this reason, you should not wash this metal or leave it out in the rain. New galvanized steel is a shiny silver color. It will oxidize very slowly turning it to a soft gray or even black. This process is natural for the metal and to be expected. It may even smell slightly metallic after awhile. Care for Galvanized Steel: Keep it dry and handle it often. The action of handling your mail keeps it shiny longer. Remove any soiling by rubbing with a soft cloth. You can keep it in a sealed container when not in use.

Past Events
*Wisconsin Trails Magazine. My artwork mentioned and shown in a Recycling Artists article.
*Arts Alliance Concert & Art Show Solo
*Wisconsin Regional Art Program Art Exhibit
*Karner Blue Butterfly Fine Art & Fiber Exhibit
*Local Newspaper - Full page feature about my Handmade Maille Armour

I do not make custom work at this time.
My Artwork is for enjoyment, wearing and visual pleasure. I cannot be held responsible for any injuries, allergies or damage of any sort sustained when using, maintaining or wearing my pieces. Items are made for adult use and not intended for children.

All images, text, artwork Copyright ©Julie Kindt and may not be copied in any way.

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