Rehovot, Is, Israel

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Kantina Jewels is a unique and one of a kind jewelry collection.

We at the kantina know how to offer every woman the jewel that will highlight her unique sparkle.
We insist on fashionable jewelry, trends and quality, while ensuring an attractive price and unique supply that constantly changes and renews.

We know that every woman is different and unique. Therefore, we make sure to bring you a large selection of jewelry that will enable each of our customers to find the right jewelry for her, the jewelry that will allow her to express herself best. It is important to us that every woman, at any age and in any budget, can enjoy a quality, fashionable jewelry, designed specifically for her.

At any given moment you can find unique jewelry. All of these assure us that every woman, at any age and in any budget, will find her unique jewelry, creating a spark that is new to her.