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Suffolk, VA, United States

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Krazy Creations came about when two friends, two retired crazy ladies with way too much time on their hands, got together and I started teaching my friend how to make basic earrings. From there it kind of went "Krazy".

All of my OOAK items are made with lots of love, patience, and pride.

I have been into crafts of every kind for as long as I can remember, my love of jewelry was passed down to me by my Grandmother and a great Aunt at a very young age ( 5 yrs) and it gets harder to let go of items the longer I have been into it. I seem to fall in love with each one. Some more than others, but there is only so much room in a house LOL. (Enough about me.)

I use everything from acrylic to natural gemstones to create very beautiful jewelry that will compliment each and everyone's personality, taste, style and wardrobe.

If you have an idea or a certain piece in mind just let me know.

I started out just doing for myself, then friends liked what they saw and it kind of exploded from there. I do private parties in homes, craft shows, and am in several of local Beauty Salons.

I hope you like and tell your friends about what you will find in my shop and will keep checking back often as I will be adding new items regularly.

Again Thanks !