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The main moto of Labyrinth products & services is to “spice up your life”, to play with the meaning of your everyday items.
In order to achieve that goal we try to awake our inner child to inspire the whole process.

A ludic approach to design that has to be observed in all the stages of creation, which, together the immense love we put in the production of each piece, gives as a result attractive, cool and practical items to make your life easier and, if possible, also happier.

Skills and Techniques

We, at Design Studio Labyrinth, want to offer you the cool, Eco-friendly and trendiest promotional products you can find in the market. We offer a wide range of imprinted promotional gadgets and personalized corporate gifts. Add your brand name to our design products, and you will get the most appropriate business gift with that brilliant touch of originality!

We customize all our promotional products down to the detail with laser engraving technique, pad-print, special packaging and much more. You will transform those giveaway items and corporate gifts into highly effective advertising merchandise!
Please, take a look at our products below and choose your favorite! If you can not find what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us with any special request.

Get to Know

Doron Andre Hadar; owner of Design Studio Labyrinth Barcelona graduated as an industrial product designer at the Bezalel academy of arts and design Jerusalem in 2008.
For some long years before deciding where to set the “anchor”, he was traveling around the globe, learning from the influence of different cultures and getting the inspiration while looking for a “place” to stay & create.
After working in many fields related with crafts & design in countries like Germany, The Netherlands, Israel & The US, life took him to Spain where he fell in love with the Spanish spirit & way of life.
Once in Spain he started up Labyrinth-Barcelona in the year 2009, a hub of designers & creative minds in the heart of Gracia neighborhood, in Barcelona, with the intention of twisting the meaning of the day to day home and office products and giving birth to very popular items like the Pallet Coasters or the In-Box. Useful home gadgets with the particular raw and industrial touch which is one of the trademarks of Labyrinth-Barcelona.

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