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Stu Duval is a popular children's and youth writer - his works are beautifully illustrated in pen and ink.
He has been painting for over 40 years and his subject matter ranges from contemporary landscape to native birdlife and marine creatures.
His preferred painting medium is acrylic.
He is a professional storyteller and travels extensively sharing his written tales with audiences all over the country. This 'telling pf tales' imbues much of his artwork - none more so than 'The Last Kiwi' series of paintings.

Get to Know

Stu Duval is a New Zealand born artist. His work ranges from illustrative (he is the author of over 20 children and youth titles all of which are illustrated by him) through to contemporary works in acrylic and mixed media. His love for the country of his birth and it's native and oft endangered birdlife play a predominant part in his recent work.
His exciting new project is called 'The Last Kiwi' and is a work of literature and fine art.
This is the story of Birdlandia, set like a jewel in the Southern Seas, and of the Birds who populate its tranquil island, most notably the Kiwi. Peace-loving and industrious by nature they fill their days farming Moa, making tussock whisky and dancing beneath the silver moon to the sound of a seven-string fiddle.
That is until capricious eyes settle on their green and pleasant land. In distant Weaslepotamia, where smog shrouds the industrial smokestacks and the only green is the scum on the sewer lake, the Weasels eye verdant Birdlandia with lustful envy. The rapacious Emperor, Carthigen VII, plots to invade and colonise her. And so, on a spring morn in early 1862, the Weasel Armada, together with their Stoat collaborators, arrive off the beaches of Birdlandia.

The Invasion has begun!

The Kiwi and their Bird allies take up desperate arms to repel them. Yet this proves to be an impossible task. For three arduous years they fight on, leaving only the graves of their dead on the blistered battlefields of Birdlandia. All hope is lost when the Weasel and Stoat Confederation are joined by the ravenous Rat Mercenary Army.
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