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Creative metalwork is a big part of my life for the last 8 years. It started out as a hobby – a much needed break from my busy job as a freelance web designer. Working with my hands allowed me to relax and be creative, and challenging myself to learn this complex craft brought much satisfaction to my life. I experimented with many different metals at first, but once I found titanium, it captured my attention with its almost unparalleled strength, lightness, and brilliant, fantastical colours. Working with this beautiful metal continues to be my main source of inspiration.
I have always made pieces I was proud of and excited about, and one day my work got noticed. First my friends – and then their friends – became curious and intrigued, and I sold my first few pieces. This outside interest inspired me to keep working on my craft and I began to study jewelry-making professionally and soon, I left my old job and opened my own workshop. Soon after that, I took on an apprentice and now I have several skilled artists working by my side. We work all week (even on weekends!) to create all the beautiful pieces you see here, and we hope that our work brings you joy and inspires you to be your most fantastical self!

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