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Old Bethpage, NY, United States

Quick Blurb

Welcome! I offer cute, and colorful art prints and original artwork. Whimsical animals and cheerful florals for your home.


painting, photography, adorable animals, nature, color

Skills and Techniques

photography, painting with pastels, watercolor and acrylics

Get to Know

I'm a self-taught artist and photographer with a deep love and appreciation of animals, nature, and color! The creation of my Lighthearted Dreamer shop is a full circle moment for me. My life as an artist began many years ago when I drew a picture for my son, who was then a baby. I was so excited that he recognized my version of the Cookie Monster that I couldn't stop! For the next several years I painted animals and landscapes, primarily using pastels, in an impressionist fashion. When I began using watercolors, they were strictly as under-paintings for my pastel works. Many of my paintings were, and continue to be, based on my original photography. I opened my online photography shop at 6 years ago, and hid a few of my paintings between the photographs. With the passing time my watercolor animals developed a style of their own...a style that's perfect for baby nurseries and for the young at heart in need of a lighthearted touch.

Then There Were Sweet Puffs... I greatly admire watercolor artwork, and have fallen in love with the medium! All of the things that made me steer clear of it as a primary medium initially, especially its unpredictability, now draw me to it. Watercolor has taught me lots about the importance of patience, planning, and faith in those lighthearted moments of creativity! But since my artistic roots are in pastel, that's still how most of my paintings begin. Sweet Puffs start with what I consider a 2 dimensional charcoal sculpture. In fact, my very first Sweet Puff, was a charcoal sketch that I decided to paint over with water, and later add some color. I think it's this sense of sculpting that I get as I create a Puff, which really comes across in helping to bring these little guys to life.

When you purchase my artwork, you can feel assured that it was created with love, and strict attention to quality! I also put an equal amount of care and attention into packing your artwork, to ensure that it will arrive safely. My work is guaranteed 100%, so please let me know if you're not satisfied with your purchase for any reason.

Thank you so much for allowing me to share my passions with you! If you have any questions about any of my merchandise, please feel free to contact me. Debbie