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Quick Blurb

Embroidered by Hand with care, focus & respect for the symbols represented. Available for commissions. Privacy ensured.


Hand Embroidery, Tarot, Mythology, handmade, runes, folklore, animals, ancient beliefs, ancient greece, Ancient Egypt, zodiac, birthday, altar, ritual, pagan, occult, Palm, Palmestry, Palmistry, Palm Readings, Palm Reading, Divination, Scrying, RPG

Skills and Techniques

I am interested in a variety of embroidery techniques and particularly love working with metallic threads. Have been doing more filling stitches as used by Anglo Saxons for Druid Commissions. Am always practicing and learning new embroidery techniques and just need to have the space to create some bigger pieces to hang on walls! I also have also been drawn to different types of Esoteric interests over the years, starting with a fascination of things historical.

Get to Know

Initially inspired to start creating bags by someone who has a Thoth Tarot Deck but who couldn't find a bag big enough.. I embroidered by hand the Kabbalah Tree of Life in Silver metallic thread and this was the start of an ever growing range of designs.

I have had an interest since childhood in mythology and different beliefs and have devoured many books on the subject including some by Joseph Campbell. I have done 2 years of a City & Guilds Embroidery Course and have been involved with a Re-Enactment and Living History group focussing on Anglo-Saxon and Viking times and, of course, my main focus within this involved textiles. I am on Facebook and have a Fanpage there.

I feel that by doing ALL the embroidery by hand this helps me focus on the symbols and meaning of the design on the item and pay it due respect. Another part of the process is chalking all the designs onto the fabric, again making my own adaptations where needed. I research all the symbols and try to give a bit of information about the meaning which has been of help to customers when deciding to give one of my items as a gift for someone.

The bags have been used for a variety of things, from Tarot Decks, Runes, Crystals, Oracle Decks, and special symbolic items to jewellery,Role Playing Dice Bags and even for a Kindle!!!

I am happy to talk about custom/commission work as well as the possibility in changing the colour of a design. Email or contact me through Artfire. For those who follow a more esoteric belief system, be assured that your work is created by a High Priestess who is part of an Initiatory Tradition in the United Kingdom (Initiated over 17 years ago) and that it is done with focus and knowledge. Should you be seeking custom/commission work or advice as to what kind of symbolism you wish to encourage into your life etc, I am always happy to discuss this further.

As can be seen, I also offer Palm Readings which I have been doing on and off for several years.

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