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Olomouc, CZ, Czech Republic

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Our story
We are Jan and Kate and this the story of us.

In Autumn 2014, we started to create a clock from old vinyl records because we reassessed our priorities and realized that life is too short to spend it in an office.

Jan: „I have always been a creative person and office work which I did before wasn't fulfilling me. I also don't like making others' dreams come true, I wanted to set up my own business and work on my own dreams“

Kate: „I love working with people, I have always had a wide range of jobs and hobbies. I don't like monotonous way of living, I need life to be happening, not stagnating. I love learning new things and accepting challenges.“

We started to work together on the vinyl project in the end of 2014. We weren't international at the begining, but we realized we want to. In winter 2016 we changed our brand and set up a new one – loop.
We decided to give a second chance to vinyl clocks and combine a responsible consumption with business. We have been building a brand based on dutifulness, quality and upcycling. We are aware of the impact that an entrepreneurs can have. We live in world where each individual can move with the invisible hand of the market by chosing what he or she buy. That is why we don't buy parts in China, we support local suppliers and family businesses. We support local market. All parts that we use are made in Europe. We believe that business can be done in human and responsible way. And we decided to do so...

We combine our work with traveling. In summer, we leave the office and workshop and travel around Europe in our van. It is a nice break during which we chanrge our baterries and get new inspiration for our work.

It is said, when you do something you like, your effort and love is seen in what you create.

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