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Banja Luka, ba, Bosnia and Herzegovina


My passion is chasing the idea.
And chasing new materials for work.
Also I am the founder and the president of the association for the preservation of fine crafts and ancient craft skills and I am the organizer of humanitarian actions and all kinds of charity work .
Few more goals of our association are: eco preservation, teaching skills, help to sell crafts, etc.

Skills and Techniques

I'm coming from crafty family. I'm making everything from jewelry, clothes .... even wooden furniture, for more than 40 years.
Grandpa used to say about me:"This girl could make a tin man and that tin man would be capable to sneeze."
I inherited tools from all family members and just love to buy new pieces.
Am familiar with almost all known techniques. Love it all. Learning every day about new techniques by reading and through my work.

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