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Wire Wrapping Jewelry,Handmade Jewelry, Decoupage Design, Interior Design

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Wire Wrapping, Beading, Hand Painting, Hand-decorated, Decoupage, Woodworking

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I create in my mind ... Different stories ... Then I'm changing dreams into reality... And something is born ... Things I do, I do for pleasure. And it make me very happy to see that someone take pleasure in seeing creations of my imagination. I invite you onto a journey to picturesque world, where you can find unique jewelry and hand made objects, which will appeal to anyone looking for a perfect gift. All hand decorated models are made in decoupage technique which comes from French word decouper, what means "cutting out". DECOUPAGE is the art of decorating an object by gluing special paper cut outs onto it in combination with hand paint effects. Each layer is sealed with varnishes (multiple coasts) until the" stuck on" appearance disappears and the result looks like painting or inlay work. This technique can be use on decorative or common use objects. Few layers of acrylic or polyurethanes varnish protects object from humidity or water (not dishwasher, clean with wet cloth). Creation takes a several days. Every object has his special blended design and character. My creations have their own style, warmness and special atmosphere. I can decorate different objects for personal order or for your gallery or gift store. Each design feature is made in single copy, so if you want to have very unique variety in your exposition, you've got right address. I love mixing textures and colors in my designs. I create all my jewelry designs with one thing in my mind: To make EVERY WOMEN attractive, elegant and to look beautiful. I enjoy making things and get great pleasure out of watching and wearing others enjoy my designs. Custom orders are Welcome. Want this item to be in silver or gold.

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