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Placentia, California, United States

Quick Blurb

I'm a professional artist selling at craft shows and galleries; a published poet and essayist, and the local Poet Laureate.


color, jewelry, beadwork, unique, one-of-a-kind, gemstone, ethnic, eclectic, beads, creative, tribal, sophisticated, design, earthy, cultural, zen, poetry, writing, fusion, organic, connection, growth, spiritual, handcrafted, community, holistic, artistic

Skills and Techniques

design, color, wire-wrap, stringing, unique style, meticulous craft-womanship

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Get to Know

I've been creating jewelry since high school (sometime back during the last Ice Age) when I realized that commercial jewelry bored me to tears. Limiting my jewelry to a particular style or a specific orientation would defeat the purpose of being an artist. I love the creative process, color and design. In "real" life, I'm a professional artist selling my work at craft shows, online, and in galleries. I'm also a published poet and essayist, and the local Poet Laureate. An essay further describing my creative process (and who I am) can be found here: Meredithbead Facebook fan page: In case you were wondering, my avatar is a colored pencil self-portrait I did when I was 12. From my heart, through my hands, to you.

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