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Camano Island, WA, United States

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I am exploring new ideas and creating new things. I hope to share these with you as you browse through my shop.


seaglass, beads, beach, shells, water, sand, sky

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Mom of five here.. and as they grow and move out I am finding myself with lots more time on my hands. I love spending time walking on the beach, near my house and I love making jewelry.. I am having a lot of fun putting both of these loves together and making jewelry from the treasures I find on the beach :) Update 1-17-11 Now I am getting the husband involved and we are going to be introducing some items from our wood shop. We have started making shadow boxes for me to display my sea glass in the windows of my house... not only does the glass look beautiful with the sun shining through it but also some of the white will change to a lavender color if left in the sunshine long enough :) When my friends started seeing these they wanted some too.. so we started making them for friends and selling them to neighbors.. thought it would be a good idea to add them to the shop. We also will be adding different sizes with different options and possibly even move into offering furniture type items, I know they sell well in person but not sure about people wanting to pay for shipping. The advantage is that items can be made custom .. so they do what you need them to do and fit the space you have. If you see something in the shop but would like it a little different.. please feel free to ask... we would love to discuss it with you and see what we can offer. ~Michelle

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