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moab, UT, United States


In the chaos there is beauty
Discarding what is saved
Saving what is discarded
The notion of salvation departed
Eye of the beholder
Capture the unseen magic of the unclean, the worn, the experienced
Destroyed toy sacrificed itself along with its innocence without regret
Broken doll broken dreams
Healing found in the painted hills and rusty nails
Beautifully unstitched, unraveled, the exposed threads
The rust, the dust, the dirt, a badge of honor
Wounds expose allow the others
Give comfort, see magic
Crusty worn wings spreading into the winter sun
And she flies

Skills and Techniques

Comprehensive and extended experience in creative methods including wire-wrapping, metal-work, aerosol and acrylic paint, glue and finishing, distressing processes, salvaging, installation, layout, and building.

Get to Know

Mik Allister Art is produced and based in Moab, Utah. Since 2014 Mik has established and formed a unique and recognizable style. Producing a wide variety of eclectic and thought-provoking "Jenk-art", Mik began selling and installing sculptures, collages, designs and more using salvaged and upcycled materials, found and thrifted in the red rock country. Working as a full-time artist Mik assembles and builds individual and original pieces, and is also commonly commissioned to beautification projects for the desert community here, in the forms of city signs, sculptures, local business designs and more.
You can find Mik Allister Art in-shop at Moab Made, or on his social media accounts tagged below.
@hifimik @mik_sculptures @mik_collage @mik_allister_design