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Kingman, AZ, United States

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Enjoy browsing. I found pleasure in "rescuing" these pieces from whatever. It's your turn to find a special treasure to lo


vintage, collectable, antique, ornate, glass, fabric, pottery, porcelin, china, cut glass, American pottery, utensils, kitchen, figurines, collectible series, art rendering, lithograph, Hull, Shawanee, Bauer, Lladro

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I'm at the age where there are no more big gatherings, lots of people to serve, or fancy tables to be set. So, in a gesture of faith & love that each piece I sell will go to the rightful owner for many more years, I am parting with my "stuff". Please note: I am only a garage sale collector that bought things I fell in love with or wanted to "rescue" from the dump. I am not an expert, nor think I could absorb all the details of each piece. So, if you see something misrepresented, PLEASE let me know. Also, I may put out numerous queries on items I can't identify. If you could help me, I would appreciate it. The roads of life have taken me to many places. I'm so blessed to have been at the right place at the right time. I had loads of fun spending my money or bartering for all this, & can't wait to send it to your house!