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NORFOLK, NY, United States


My interests are varied. I loved creating new things. I love building things with my hands, whether its a cabinet door or a shelf or crafting a lace doily from fine crochet thread. I enjoy taking care of my family and I enjoy researching the best ingredients to add to our skin care line and incorporating them into our products to achieve the best results. Finding that special and unique ingredient that is safe and uncommon to many products gives me a thrill. It also helps me to understand why some products are more affordable than others. Sometimes, the ingredients are just not cheap. That being said, price does signify quality, sometimes it signifies the cost to produce the items.

Skills and Techniques

Our goal is to keep all of our products germ-free prior to getting it to our customers. We use natural germ killing agents in our preparation process to ensure that we start with a clean process, but we also do not want to compromise the integrity of the products by placing them into containers that were disinfected using toxic substances.

Get to Know

Natural Body by Bekkh is a home-based business centered around creating natural and organic skin care products. Most of the products created are made from at least 98% natural and organic ingredients. The remaining 2% is usually in the fragrance category, although many of our products use essential oils as the fragrance.
Our products are safe for use by the whole family (that's how clean they are).
As women and mothers we appreciate the value of products that are safe and less hazardous to our personal health as well as the health and well-being of our families.
We treasure the opportunity to serve our customers by making and supplying some of the best and most natural products used for skin-care.