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Jordan, NY, United States

Quick Blurb

Philip has been working in Stained Glass since 1995 and each glass creation is a piece of art. Melissa joined him in 1999.


Renaissance faires, Celtic music, stained glass, performing arts, street theater, cycling, fairies, nature

Skills and Techniques

We work in both the modern copper foil and the traditional lead came. All glass pieces are hand cut without the aid of a band saw. We create our own patterns and welcome custom commissions.

Get to Know

I have always been involved in the arts. As a child, I performed on stage with my two siblings and graduated college with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Then went to work earning a living. The beauty created by Stained Glass had always captured my imagination and in 1995 I finally decided that it was time to do something about it. I bought the tools, took a class, and never looked back. We bought an Erie Canal era home with a lot of large double hung windows and I proceeded to start replacing them. Soon, I was fabricating Stained Glass for family and friends. In 2000, we formed On Glass Wings. Both of my children watched and soon joined me. My wife and I always enjoyed Renaissance Faires, so now we do both faires and Stained Glass. -Philip Parkman, Owner/Designer-

I distinctly remember sitting in my parents' basement (where their studio is, when I was a kid watching my dad make beautiful creations of glass. The excitement I had when I turned twelve and I was allowed to start making my own glass is something I have always treasured. Now, twelve years later, I have my own studio in the basement of my own house continuing the tradition. And that giddy feeling while doing it is still strong. I especially enjoy working on tree/nature and fairy pieces but I have yet to find a pattern or piece which uninspires me. I am proud to work alongside my father in bringing beauty into the world through stained glass. -Melissa Rookman, Designer -

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