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Willowbrook, IL, United States


Photography - Nature, Wildlife, Landscape, Florals

Skills and Techniques

I was given my first camera when I was in grade school, my father taught me how to use it, and I haven't put it down since. I love capture moments and sharing them with others.

Get to Know

I am trying to preserve nature through photography. I hope by introducing other they will see the importance of preserving these wild places and the precious wildlife that lives there. I first started taking pictures in the early 1980’s. But my love of nature was inspired by my parents. I spent most of my summers growing up enjoying the wilds of northwest Wyoming; hiking, fishing, riding horses and exploring the mountains, valleys and the wildlife that lives there. I have had the opportunity to travel to many beautiful places around the United States and Canada, capturing the beauty in my photographs. I hope my images will inspire people to take action to help save these places and the wildlife that desperately needs our help.
I had the chance to spend several days photographing the black bears at the Vince Shute Wildlife Sanctuary in Orr, Minnesota and was deeply touched by what I saw there and learned. The love and devotion the volunteers have for these magnificent animals inspired me and now I want to do all I can to get the word out so others will help insure the safety and life of all wildlife. I feel if the public is better educated about our precious wildlife they would be more sympathetic to all living things. Education is the key and this is what the American Bear Association is trying to do. By allowing the public to view these animals in their own habitat and not in a cage in a zoo, we can truly learn about them. We need these creatures for our own survival. Even if one species disappears it impacts all others. We need to set aside places where all animals can feel safe and still be free. Places where we can go and get back to nature, to renew our spirit and just breathe.