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Lavelle, PA, United States


I love:
my cats & chickens
soap making
learning about plants

Skills and Techniques

I have taken extensive soap courses by expert soap makers.

I learned the science behind soap BEFORE I began to dabble in the art of soap making. I believe Its crucial to know the science & the why, before getting lost in all the colors, scents & designs.

Took college level photography courses, which i enjoyed very much and has proven very useful in my business.
I Have a degree in art which has allowed me to think outside the box when creating soaps that are BOTH effective and beautiful.

I have Skills in business, administration and managerial work.
I'm an Entreprenuer at heart .

Get to Know

At S&G Soap Co. We offer a wide variety of soaps. I love options and I want others to have options too. We offer everything from masculine, feminine, non scented, skin corrective soaps and more!

As "appealing" as soaps may be to the eyes, soap making is a SCIENCE first. I set out to learn that science firsthand, and have taken soap science courses to learn ALL the ins and outs of soap making, before starting this business.

My goal was to create a product that I loved, and one I was confident about in terms of safety, and effectiveness. I have done that, and now I offer organic shea butter soaps to all of you, my fellow humans, and travelers on this journey called LIFE.

I am here if you have any questions at all. No question is too small. I can help guide you on what may be best suited for your skin type or your family needs.
Melanie ❤️ S&G Soap Co.

I can be reached here or on facebook and instagram platforms :)

That is a little bit about me. Thank you for the opportunity of letting me share. I look forward to working with you.

Melanie ❤️ S&G Soap Co.

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