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Schertz, TX, United States

Quick Blurb

Rainbows and color! Beads and stones! Wire and tools!!! Making the world a prettier place one piece of jewelry at a time...


My interests?
Wire wrapping of course, using beads, copper, sterling, or anything else that sits still long enough. Rustic, folk, bold, hammered, forged, gemstones, pearls, rocks, solder, silversmith, metal fabrication, boho, bohemian, bold, gawdy,

Skills and Techniques

My primary focus is metal, ranging from simple to complex, most often in the form of wire, testing the limits, pressing the boundaries, new, old, vintage, recycle upcycle reuse and repurpose. Bend it, twist it (there's a difference), hammer, polish, oxidize, Experiment!

Get to Know

Welcome to Sherry's Jewels!
I am an Artist in Training, never Done, always growing, seeking the next bit of inspiration and experiment.

Where is the muse going today?

I've been making pretties since forever --->>> pop beads!
Crayons, paper, glue and glitter, growing ever more complicated by leaps and bounds through the years.
Past eras incorporated fabrics and dyes, needles and threads, jewelry, paint -- I love to paint on fabric! -- beads and more beads, jewelry, looms, clay, soft sculptured dolls and critters, purses and bags and quilts and clothes, and oh did I mention Jewelry?... mmmmhhhmmmm

My Current addiction is wire and gemstones --->>> Oh be still, my heart!

Don't ask me to sit still!

At various points in my travels and decades, I've also been a teacher - fabric paint, sewing, jewelry of all sorts but 'specially with wire.

My designs are for the bold, the person who knows their own mind and wants to stand above the crowd.

Welcome to my little bit of heaven!

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