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Sedona, AZ, United States

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Guaranteed quality handmade jewelry each with their own flair to suit any personality and style for gifts or for yourself!


meditation, composing & listening to music, dance, Vesica Piscis, painting, collage, jewelry making, dreams, crystals, gemstones, geology, cats, dogs, crochet animals, compassion, kindness, sacred geometry, EFT, nature, healing, delicious healthy recipe

Skills and Techniques

You are guaranteed quality made items, which come from my experience of selling my crafts professionally and my previous experience of working in a bead store for over 15 years. I have a lot of knowledge about identifying gemstones and other bead materials.

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Get to Know

My jewelry and art is created in a wide variety of styles from whimsical to elegant. My designs are expressive of the intricate and unusual, as well as having a simplistic beauty. I began selling my jewelry professionally to various shops and galleries about 20 years ago, however, I have been making jewelry since I was a child. My pieces are inspired not only by their visual beauty, but also the resonant energy of the stones, crystals, and gems that I incorporate into most of my jewelry making. The pieces I create are described by others as striking to behold and powerfully positive and inspiring to experience. Many of my designs are derived from dreams, inspired by nature, music, and even food! I am particularly well known for fine wire crochet, intricate wire wrapped pendants and chains, micro-macrame, and traditional stringing and pearl knotting. Many of my creations are unique, one-of-a-kind, hand crafted works of art. I also can create some custom designs upon request. Just send me a message describing what you are looking for and I will do my best to accommodate your request. My other creative endeavors include writing poetry and song lyrics, and creating sounds for the experimental music band I formed with my husband in 1991 called Vesica Piscis. I have also been a practitioner of meditation since I was a small child, and the process of making my artistic creations is a form of meditation for me as well. The positive energy I put into my jewelry making and all of my creative pursuits is something I enjoy sharing with everyone. Peace and Blessings, Carrie Ann

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