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Lyman, SC, United States


I love making beautiful things. So I sew, quilt, crochet and make soap. It’s always delights me to see the end product and so rewarding to see the smile of a friend or loved one who I have gifted with a handmade item.

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As a retired grandmother, I spent most of my time taking care of the elderly who were still able to stay in their homes. I loved all of my clients but with advent of Covid, it was no longer possible to visit them safely.

With time and bills in abundance, we (my dear husband & I) invested in 3 tiny Nigerian Dwarf goats which we bottle fed and raised. When they had kids of their own, we found that their milk was rich, creamy and delicious but was more than we could use.

The idea of soap making came naturally and the creative outlet of making soap was endless. I read every book I could on making soap which led to herbal gardening and medicinal preparations and became delighted and fascinated with how much our Father in heaven had provided for our health and well being outside of drug stores.

Now I am not a doctor nor do I play one on TV, and I take the advice and counsel of my doctors and I In no way advocate abandoning proven scientific medical expertise in treating serious illnesses and disease. But for bath and body and minor ailments that we all suffer I would much rather go for a natural cure than those products lining a hundred shelves in a store. Ever read the ingredients in a typical bar of commercially produced soap? It’s truly frightening. Especially when I learned that anything put on our skin can be easily absorbed into our bodies.

Do yourself a favor by checking into how these rediscovered newfangled ideas about old fashioned remedies are making a huge comeback. Also I like the idea of preserving the old skills and ways of our grandmothers and grandfathers by using what they had on hand and depending on what was passed down to them to not only survive but to thrive in hard times.
Truly God has given us everything we need to live and love and care for each other

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