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Oregon, IL, United States

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Hello I'm Skye Taylor I have been selling paintings since 1969. I am a World Collected Artist who has won countless awards since 1970 - I Designed the late comedienne George Carlin's Christmas Gift in 2005. Dream Works Studios has bought several of my paintings. My painting are reproduced on Metal and have been distributed worldwide by Wal-mart and as well as other on-line venues. I was invited to Hong Kong is 2012 to paint huge murals for an upscale Residential Project. The actual Painting experience comes from divine inspiration. I do not paint until I feel inspired and this means patiently waiting as long as a few weeks or months. When my Inspiration hits I can literally paint for days with hardly any sleep but quick cat naps. I think a great Artist needs to rejuvenate their minds and soul and for me that means exploring other creative venues. When I rotate my interest, I feel, My creativity is always fresh. Although my life's interests take many forms and lead me in many directions; I will always remain a Full time Artist. This is what I do.....this is who I am. Skye