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Huddersfield, us, United Kingdom


Handmade Work
Making knives and create new style ,
all time knives maker

Skills and Techniques

i am knives maker with some unique techniques and skills ,

Find me online @:………

Get to Know

We are manufacturer Damascus knives, stainless steel knives and cutlery & also exporter of cutlery & all kind of Damascus knives, hunting knives, pocket knives, folding knives, key chain knives swords & daggers.
We are established since 1985 and we are exporting all kind of knives and sports goods in different countries. The customer's demands and interest is our first step. We can produce any kind of knives & swords in which you are interested from our catalog or your own design. If you have any picture/design please send us your catalog or samples in which you are interested.

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