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I absolutely love nature, animals and being outside and I'm at my happiest with a blank piece of paper and a paintbrush in hand.
Lots of my inspiration comes from my grandchildren who draw such cute pictures, I often use their ideas and take it up a notch.

Skills and Techniques

Whilst convalescing after breast cancer my daughter came around to visit with a set of watercolour paints to clear me up. She said "let's have a go" even though we had never painted with watercolours before.
Several muddy looking paintings later I was determined to learn to paint with watercolours. In fact I made it my mission. I devised my own way as any instructions really didn't help.
To this day I now give watercolour lessons in my studio and have well over 7,500 followers on my Facebook page! Which still amazes me.

Get to Know

Sue Roche Illustration.

My passion is watercolours. For as long as I can remember I've used art to express my ideas, inspired by the world around me. I work in my brick and wood built studio at the bottom of the garden, newly extended to include a printing studio. With a bright rainbow coloured theme and freshly painted walls. My little hideaway is full of all the wonderful quirky and colourful pieces of handcrafted art I love to collect. I sit at my old oak drawing desk, a 1950s school desk with my fathers victorian mahogony chair. I'm inspired by the foxes, badgers, birds and friendly squirrells that frequent the garden while I scribble away at new ideas in my studio.

Everything is handmade by me, I sketch my ideas onto quality watercolour paper, using my favourite fine liner to outline my design once I'm happy with it. I then use the best quality watercolour paints, adding last minuite details, such as grass, flowers and shrubbary to bring my little scenes to life.

wrapped safely to reach you in perfect condition.

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