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I love flowers, jewelry and glass. I love all kind of paper and books. Specially the ones with the beautiful Thai Font. So the Idea was born to bring them all together and make the paper flowers from recycled Thai bookpages.

Skills and Techniques

Each flower is handmade and unique. They are individually tailored with a lot of love. Cut, rolled, shaped and glued by hand. So each Flower is a unique and can therefore vary in size and shape. Manufactured in absolutely smoke free environment.
Most of the flowers are made from recycled book pages of a Thai Book with the filigran Thai font and this gives the flowers the vintage look.

Get to Know

In my new shop you'll find unique Paper Flowers made from recycled Thai Book Pages with the filigree Thai Font.
Each piece is personally handcrafted with love and attention to detail.
Please know that I can usually duplicate the majority of items in the shop. If you need more than what is listed feel free to send me a message.