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Millbrae, CA, United States

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Recycling Works!

Don't throw it away - Think about it!


recycling, upcycling, rescued materials, eco-friendly, wallpaper and fabric gift tags, plastic canvas, crocheting, sewing, Christian crosses, ichthus, die cut flowers, paint samples

Skills and Techniques

Enjoying the "Aha Moment" of creativity - Giving materials heading for landfill a useful and beautiful second life is very satisfying.

I work with rescued or recycled materials whenever possible. These come from SCRAP-a crafter's recycling store, and FabMo-a wonderful nonprofit that diverts discontinued designer samples from the trash. I have also taken in unwanted materials from those who no longer plan on using them.

Find me online @:… http://suzannemedrano.blogspot.c………

Get to Know

I have enjoyed sewing and making crafts for our home for many years. I very much enjoy starting with an idea and ending up with a useful, beautiful item.

I made my first patchwork quilt when I was in high school. Since then, I have made so many that their number or who has them is lost. I only started taking "baby pictures" of the quilts as I finish them a few years ago. These quilts have homes, but check my shop for one that is ready to be loved and used.

I tried to knit a scarf many years ago and only got about 8 inches before realizing that I just couldn't knit. My grandmother was a great crocheter and my mother knits, so I figure the skill must skip a generation. I was probably in junior high when I started making doilies. Over the years I have made afghans, shawls, and countless doilies and scarves.

My first plastic canvas project was a tissue box cover, which I still have in the bathroom (they last forever). A few years ago I started working with plastic canvas again. I made Christmas ornaments that could be used year after year with no fear of breakage during storage. These crosses and fish add wonderful color to holiday decorating. I also made three-dimensional birds in red, white and blue.

I transform rescued and recycled items whenever possible. These materials come from two wonderful nonprofits: FabMo, Fabric & More, diverting designer samples from our landfill, and SCRAP, Scrounger's Center for Reusable Art Parts, where you can find just about anything. I have also taken in unwanted materials from those who no longer plan on using them.

The fabric used in my quilted items has been pre-washed. After completing a piece, I then wash it in cold water on the delicate cycle with a delicate dry. Washing it in this way should prolong its life.

My crocheted items have been gently hand washed in cold water, gently spun in the washer, then blocked on a towel for air drying. Again, washing it in this way should prolong its life.

I now offer beautiful and useful items that you will enjoy or can give as thoughtful gifts. I would like you to receive my items with as much joy as I have in making them. If you see an item you like, but prefer a different color, please contact me. I may have what you are looking for and would be honored to make something just for you.

May you find something that you love in my shop or be inspired to create your own!

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