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Despite living in a big city of Siberia, we are surrounded by forest and mountains. I love my city and the nature around. We share with my boyfriend the love of photography, travel and flowers. He is french and try to provide me with beautiful flowers from France and all around the world. If you have a feeling with a special flower you would like to keep forever near you, tell me about it and we'll figure out something ;-).

Skills and Techniques

I studied in the art school of Ekaterinburg and I learnt to create my own jewelry by manipulating clay, stones, metals, etc...
As it is dangerous to create metal jewelry in my small appartment I started making them in FIMO clay that is hard and wet resistant.

Get to Know

I started this business in Russia, several years ago as a hobby for me. I started selling it to my friends then I started a small shop in my home town Ekaterinburg.
Since them I am registered on several websites from Russia, France and other in order to enlarge my opportunities.
All items are handmade and I am very pernickety regarding my creations. For now my major creations are done with peonies and tulips but I start new creations with apple blossom and I want to enlarge the flower types I can do.
Feel free to challenge me on a new flower type ;-)