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New Braunfels, TX, United States


Crafting, Being Creative, Singing, Dancing, Reading, Watching Movies, Animal Rescue, and hanging out with my husband and kids!

Skills and Techniques

I would have to say that the biggest skill needed to work in the arts and crafts would have to patience. Sometimes your work may not turn out the way that you want. When this happens you just have to tear it apart and begin again. This will happen often. Just remember to be patient!

Your creativity is only big as your imagination. I am firm believer in this statement. In order to be a great artist you need the imagination to go with it! Sometimes I have to dig deep down inside and pull the creativity out of myself and other times I can just sit down in from of a wire form surrounded by materials and just get to creating!

So, if you have patience and an imagination and a willingness to succeed, you have all the skills you need! It just takes time and practice. Lot's of practice. For as many items as I have already created I can honestly say that I am never fully satisfied with the end result. And that's okay! It is what makes an artist a true artist! You are your own worst critic. What item you aren't fully satisfied with may be the item that someone has been looking for forever! So stick with it and DON'T give up!

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Get to Know

My name is Alicia Malin and I am the owner and founder of the Crafty Witch's Corner. I am the mother of two beautiful boys, one of which is a pre-teen, hormone central here, and my youngest child is special needs high on the Autism Spectrum and almost fully deaf. Even though my life can be extremely hectic at times, I can honestly say that I would not change anything for the world. I love my busy hectic life. Keeps things interesting!

I began dabbling in the Artisan Community some years ago. I once upon a time owned a Boutique, FlutterBy Boutique, which consisted mainly of handcrafted jewelry that I would make myself. However, after a couple of years I ended up selling off the boutique due to personal issues. My husband was critically wounded in an IED explosion resulting in him losing both legs and half of his backside while serving in Afghanistan on his fourth deployment and I dedicated myself to him and his healing. In turn the boutique was closed until further notice. Fortunately, my husband's healing was swift and we were able to begin our new lives within a few months time. However, I was not able to reopen or reintroduce my boutique because, instead of being focused on my husband's healing, I was then focused on my family's healing.

My husband's injuries resulted in a huge change within our lives, and our lives were essentially turned upside down within the blink of an eye. The doctors allowed my husband to finish healing at home, and I was his designated caregiver/nurse. Now picture this...A military wife receives a phone call from a lieutenant in the armed forces who states that her husband was just involved in an IED explosion. Within one week we were at Walter Reed in Washington D.C., and within a month we were in in San Antonio, TX at San Antonio Med Center/ Brooke Army Medical Center where my husband completed the majority of his rehabilitation. WIthin another month we were moving into a new home on base where I was then thrust in a world that I had never experienced before. I was not just a mother and wife then. I was a nurse, caregiver, teacher, mommy, and everything in between. So much was happening between home life, doctors appointments, surgeries, kids schooling, and so many other events that I very seldom ever had time for myself.

Fast forward a year or so and not much has changed with the exception of us receiving a new home in the Texas Hill Country. My husband had finally healed enough to the point where he could take care of himself and my children were in school full time. Needless to say, I was at a loss. After being so needed by everyone for what seemed like such a long time, I was no longer as needed. I was sincerely lost and stressed. This is where the Crafty Witch's Corner enters in my life.

I needed something that I could do for me. I had spent so many years focusing on everyone around me and taking care of them that I never spent any time on myself. I love being creative and using my imagination. One year around Christmas I noticed a beautiful wreath. Upon examining this beautiful wreath I said to myself, "I can do this!". So I ran to Hobby Lobby and picked me up some wreath supplies and began teaching myself how to make a wreath. Yes, I taught myself how to make a wreath. Even though I had messed up and taken apart and put back together that darn wreath so many times I lost count, I eventually got it right! It was my very first Christmas wreath that I had created for my mother, and she still hangs it every Christmas!

As frustrating as it was creating this wreath, and i did become quite frustrated, once I got it right I was hooked! Creating Wreaths became very therapeutic for me, and the more I worked at my creations the better they became! Now, I can't go one day without creating some form of decor, be it a wreath or centerpiece.

I absolutely love what I do, and put forth so much of that love into my work. I check and recheck and check again to make sure that each and every one of my creations is in perfect condition before being shipped off to it's new home.

I have come a long way through the years from that first wreath that started it all. Now I not only create wreaths, I create centerpieces, bouquets, kissing balls, crosses, and so much more!

It is my goal to insure that you are as satisfied with your order as I am. I appreciate your taking the time to check out my Etsy shop and hope that you have a fantastic day or night. I look forward to doing business with you!

The Crafty Witch,
Alicia Malin
Crafty Witch's Corner

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