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Columbiaville, MI, United States

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I am a nature lover and love living in the great state of Michigan among the tall pines and trees. I am an avid sewing and kn


Wood, Buttons, tree branch buttons

Skills and Techniques

Woodworking, Journal making, Sewing

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Tree Branch Wood Buttons and Tree Branch Wooden Gift Tags made from Northern Michigan Forests. Specializing in Tree Branch Buttons for Fiber Artists, Yarn Knitting and Crochet Projects, Wooden Gift Tags, Tree Branch Beads. I am an avid Sewing and Knitting enthusiast and love creating dolls and bears and stumbled upon these unique buttons when I was up North and unable to make it to the store. With a suggestions from my Mom I started making these buttons 6 years ago for local shops and friends. I make these buttons because I love these buttons. I never get tired of making them or using them on my own products. All of my products are coated in natural and organic finishes such as Natural Tung Oil, or Organic Beeswax. If you want something I haven't advertised in my shop, be sure and contact me and I would be more than happy to get you what you want. I also welcome custom orders. For additional items please visit my eBay store: