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Sacramento, CA, United States

Quick Blurb

I work freehand with Wire, using Beads I've made or bought and/or Vintage jewelry & findings. My pieces are one of a kind.


I love working with polymer clay, doing wire work, making collages and repurposing art. My painting has moved from oils to watercolors, and probably my favorite medium is pencil and ink. I bead, crochet, knit, do photography, and collect vintage. Mostly I'm inspired by learning something new, figuring out how to do something, pushing myself outside that proverbial box. Lots of times I mess up; sometimes I don't. I'm never totally pleased, but the piece I list on the Hoarding Magpie are those I consider good enough.

Skills and Techniques

I'm a regular "mother, I'd rather do it myself girl" and while I take advantage of online instruction, I've got little patience with actually following instructions. Which is why I mess up lots of time....!

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Get to Know

II could start this bio by saying, “I’m a writer/editor/writingcoach who….” and then create some spiffy little piece (because I am a writer) about why I’ve got a shop on Artfire. Or I could just tell the truth: I make art because I love making art. Always have; always will. I‘ve worked my way through any number of media and techniques, from grade school to high school to college and beyond. Every time I move, I carry with me an ever-increasing collection of art supplies. Oh, look--there’s the silk dye kit I bought in West L.A. sometime back in late 70s. And this drawer has all of the needlepoint canvases I started, completed, but never stretched because--damn, I’m on to something else by the time that happens. When I was in school, doing art because I had a class was reason enough. These days, I have to justify the time I spend away from writing/editing/writercoaching to satisfy my need to make art. That's why I created the Hoarding Magpie as the repository of all my most recent--and successful--art projects. Makes sense, right?