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Photography- Newborn babies change every second! So many times I hear those who have purchased my items say (4 weeks after their newborn photo shoot when they are viewing their images of their 10 day old baby) “I can’t believe how much he/she has changed already, I’m so glad we got this done. It is the most beautiful moment in any mother’s life to watch her baby grow. Babies grow very fast, and you will realize later that you didn’t capture those moments that you should have. Capturing your baby’s actions will also give you the opportunity to share your baby’s childhood with him/her when he/she has grown up. The normal human mind tends to forget information even though you think that you will never forget something. However, you will easily recall your memories and impressions through the use of a visual stimulus – in this case pictures!

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My passion is to help create unforgettable life moments with my custom outfits.

My work is inspired by love, nature, and all things cute. A stroll down memory lane will be a breeze with a keepsake created just for you. TheKnotCertified hopes to provide you with a pleasant experience and unique items!