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Beaverton, Or, United States


I enjoy the challenge of creating stylish accessories from discards.

Skills and Techniques

Using only recycled materials to create Wearable Art makes each piece unique.
One of a kind collars, cuffs, and necklaces are created from men’s shirts – a feminine twist on a masculine classic. And a magnetic flower brooch might use a combination of stained silk ties, a torn shower curtain, and forgotten negligées. I just never know which pieces will “call to each other” until the design is in process.

I love the challenge of making beautiful accessories from ugly throwaways – a definite win-win situation for the environment and fashionistas everywhere. Most of my stash comes from castoffs garments from friends and customers -- who doesn't have a bag of old ties hidden in back of a closet somewhere.

Get to Know

Reduce/Reuse/Recycle has always been my lifestyle. As a child of depression era parents, a young adult in the "back to nature" 60's, a professional educator bringing recycling programs to the local schools, and a retired person needing to downsize --Reduce/Reuse/Recycle was my style before up-cycle and eco-friendly made their debut.

Tootsie La Rue Magnetic Fabric Flower Pins are a fresh take on reinventing discarded men's ties, women's silk scarves, and other vintage garments and trims.

Using my 700+ collection of men's ties (originally purchased for quilting) created a wealth of color and pattern combinations that make each Magnetic Fabric Flower Pin a unique, elegant, but fun piece of Wearable Art.

Accent Your Assets: Place a Fabric Flower where it draws attention to your best features -- in your hair, on your t-shirt neckline, or on a jacket, hat, handbag, belt, or scarf.

Fabric Flowers are the Wearable Art that always fits.

Question: And who is Tootsie La Rue?
Answer: That person I am in my dreams

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Linda Hansen -- artful crafter

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